/ Qa'wakana

Back in the black

It has been a long time since I have made an entry. I have been mostly doing a desk job the past year, managing the faction, members and giving out orders. Which meant that whenever I stepped into my ship I would be going to one of our control systems to lay out plans and stop hostilities towards us. And there were a lot of hostilities. We had a conflict going on in one of our systems almost all the time and resolving conflicts takes a lot of effort, more so with the dwindling number of Knights.

To be honest this has taken the life out of me. It's not that I didn't like diplomacy, I do like it a lot still, but managing a faction meant that I could never leave the bubble. But the past couple of months has been fantastic for our faction. We have hardly lost ground. We had a single war that we won comfortably and I am at last feeling a bit relaxed. This made me realise that this is a good time for a change of pace for me. A good time to go back to my roots.

I joined the Pilot's Federation because I wanted to explore the galaxy. I had always been keen on exploring and that's how I started out as a Commander. Thus, I started to prep my Anaconda when I realised that this would be a good point to start doing a few things I intentionally never did. I have been a CMDR for a long time now and I kid you not, but I have never bought an SLF, let alone hire a crew member. So, I decided it was time to break this and purchased a Taipan for myself. I also hired Jadelyn Lowery, a Novice Pilot, to fly the Taipan as and when required. And with the preparations done, I plotted a course towards the Witch Head Nebula.

Starting from Qa'wakana

I am going to take this slow. I am going to map all systems on my route and hopefully I will come across something unique while I fill up my codex.

CMDR Garud

Leader of the faction Knights of Karma. Explorer, trader and occasional bounty hunter. Loves his Asp Explorer, Antrix. Always on the lookout for new mysteries.

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